services - investment and legal consulting


Investment consulting

  Real Estate (Residential)

   Strategy planning

   Property acquisition

   Site acquisition

   Acquisition analysis

   Market/Demand analysis and research

   Feasibility studies

   Business plans


  Real Estate (Commercial i.e. malls, sports venues)

   All services of residential section

   Limited/Full Partnering analysis and negotiations

   Retail/Shopping centre  analysis

   Sale/Lease back analysis

   Loan/Credit selection analysis


  Infrastructure investment (i.e. energy)

   Any applicable services of above sections

   Market related risk analysis

   Subvention compliance analysis

   PPP, PFI, BOOT analysis and support

   Public tender bidding consulting and support


Legal consulting

  Related to investment consulting services

  National and European law

  Contract administration


  Related to project management services

   National and European Law

   Contract administration

   Tendering legal risk analysis

   Tendering legal compliance

   Tendering legal strategy

   Bidding legal risk analysis

   Bidding legal strategy