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Name :gain: [gEin], noun, English, synonyms: profit, increase, add, put on, grow, expand, develop, achieve.
 design:[dizAin], noun, English, in the technical lingo implying the plan, the concept or the drawing.
 project management:[prOdzhekt] [mAnidzhment], phrase, English, in the technical lingo implying the administration, structuring, organisation, monitoring and reporting of the procedures defining a project.
Established :May 2002
Scope :The provision of state of the art design and project management services aiming at maximum efficiency.
Members :mainly young ( < 45 y.o.) engineers, of undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad (UK and Germany) and  corresponding professional experience in Hellas and abroad
Offices :Vrilissia - Athens
address :96, Pentelis Ave. & 1, Bakoyanni Str., Vrilissia, Athens, GR-15235, HELLAS
tel :   +30 210 60 96 460 Fax :   +30 210 6131333
email :   info@gaindpm.com web :   www.gaindpm.com